Securing your online business is undoubtedly a priority. Online threats are more real than you imagine. Because small businesses are more vulnerable than more prominent corporations, they have become popular targets for cyber attacks.

Do you think external sources are your most significant risks? The truth is, even your most trusted employees can commit blunders or give wrong information, thereby costing you a fortune.

Start taking cybersecurity seriously. Get an expert to help you protect your systems from damages and disruptions, which may be caused by both malicious intent or accidents. No business has a foolproof way to escape data loss and theft. However, being informed is the best way to gain control.

IT Mistakes You Could be Making

• You haven’t included IT security in your core objectives. Do you take the time to educate all your employees and vendors on cybersecurity? Do not assume that your team knows these things.

• You no longer update software. This task is usually forgotten, but it is a very critical aspect. Did you know that Windows10 is more secure than its precursors? The same goes for other software apps. Make sure you have the latest versions.

• Your social media accounts are not secured. Hackers can use social media to target your business with seemingly legitimate offers. Then, they start learning the structure of your business and the supplier you deal with. They might even fool you into clicking malicious links which freeze or infect your data; or worse yet, transfer funds.

• You use weak passwords. Your accounts are as safe as your passwords. So, take the passwords seriously and be sure that your employees do the same.

• Office 365 is your only backup. People have reported losing email history when using Office 365. This can make litigation even more complicated. Retrieving lost files is never guaranteed, and if you succeed, a lot of damage may have occurred already. Look for other alternatives.

The Time to Act is Now

Cybersecurity revolves around numerous factors. Cloud backups, antivirus software, and strong passwords are just a part of the big picture. Note that most IT security problems are as a result of human negligence. As a business owner, check every aspect of your venture, from system updates to employee training.

As far as your cybersecurity goes, small gradual steps will bring great results. First, accept that your business is not immune to cyber threats. You simply cannot help it. If you need a simple but actionable IT checklist, get in touch with an expert MSP today.