If you have stuck with the same Managed Service Provider (MSP) for years, chances are, you are settling for sub-par services. Your MSP may get too comfortable and start slacking on the job.

Here are four signs you need a new MSP.

Slow Response Rate

Do you have to always ask for status reports? Are you caught in support limbo when trying to submit high priority issues, such as a server crash? Then it’s time to reconsider your options.

A good MSP should be a phone call away. Anything more than 20 minutes waiting time is simply unacceptable. They should also be able to sniff out potential problems before anyone else does. When something breaks, downtime time should be short.

Recurring Issues

If the same issue keeps recurring, you might be working with a “break-fix” kind of MSP. That is a huge red flag. The idea behind outsourcing your IT is to have an expert proactively monitoring your networks and systems 24/7/365.

An efficient MSP takes a preventive approach to deal with issues. Patching systems and upgrading hardware are examples of things they should do periodically. That way, surprises will be few and far in between.

Hidden Fees

Sometimes, an MSP may decide to upgrade your system and invoice you later. That’s wrong. The best way to approach upgrades is to inform the client why it is essential to do so and also get them a sweet deal. That leaves room for you to plan and prioritize, as opposed to having surprises in your IT spend every other month.

Not a Team Player

IT is a vast puzzle; no single MSP can provide everything. They will have to work with other companies such as internet service providers and off-site support teams. Any lack of communication may cause operational issues down the line; that is never good for business.