Protecting IT Firms from rogue vendors

Let’s face it, the only individuals that like to be in Federal court are attorneys.  In order to protect InCompass IT and other IT firms, Tim Lambrecht made a difficult decision to stand for integrity against Dell corporation.  As CEO, he filed a Federal law suit against Dell Corporation for committing fraud and purposefully stealing clients of IT firms by giving Dell’s direct sales team confidential client information.  The fraud claim was initially recognized and acknowledged by the very wise Honorable Federal Judge Patrick J. Schiltz.

The InCompass IT team, and the entire IT Industry, owe a debt of gratitude to the late Alfred Stanbury.  As a seasoned Federal Attorney, Mr Stanbury successfully brought the case in front of the Court.  He was a man of integrity and kept up a good argument against four national law firms hired by the defense.  It is also worth noting that Mr Stanbury successfully defeated Dell Corporation’s initial attack on InCompass IT in a Texas Court room.  Today, the case is one of the most cited court decisions in contractual law.  “ABL” (Mr Stanbury’s nickname for America’s Best Lawyer) is missed by many, and his legacy will not be forgotten.  We also thank the late Roger Magnuson of Dorsey and Witney for his background guidance and support of this initiative.  Both Mr. Stanbury and Mr. Magnuson passed away within weeks of each other, and they are missed!  We thank the law firm of Mohrman & Kaardal for bringing things through the finish line.

The only details available to the public are those written in law articles and sites.

Here are a couple of those sites:

Business Journal – Incompass It accuses Dell

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We are often asked.  Was it worth it?  Our answer is yes!  The settlement agreement is confidential, but both parties are satisfied with the result.  More importantly, it appears that Dell’s channel reseller program has changed in some positive ways, and it is ranked to be good amongst many IT companies.