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Managed Services

What if you never had to perform another software update, or spend countless hours on server maintenance?

We offer a variety of managed services to help your organization focus on critical projects and improve productivity. They include:
•24/7 Service Desk
•Archiving and E-mail Encryption
•Backup Services
•PC and Server Management
•Enterprise Monitoring

To find out more about managed services, please contact us at (651) 379-1200 or via e-mail at sales@incompassit.com.




24/7 Service Desk

Live, certified U.S.-based technical support will expertly troubleshoot technical issues and restore productivity on your software and hardware products. Our service desk can also assist your current staff in times of increased call volume, such as software rollouts or product upgrades.

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Archiving and E-mail Encryption

We will help you store, monitor, protect and retrieve all inbound, outbound and internal e-mails for compliance, general storage and retrieval purposes.

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Backup Services

Our affordable, remote backup service enables you to protect and restore your critical data at a secure, off-site location.

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Enterprise Monitoring

With our 24/7 alerting service, your organization can avoid the associated costs of unscheduled downtime.

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PC and Server Management

Maintaining your IT environment can be costly, complicated and time-consuming. We provide complete management of computers, servers and firewalls, taking action whenever needed. Take advantage of our robust network infrastructure management and at one established flat rate.

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Without e-mail or the Internet, your ability to communicate with customers and conduct daily business would be limited, which is why it is vital to secure your network. We will protect your IT environment, proactively identify vulnerabilities and update your Microsoft anti-virus software patches automatically.

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