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CTS Leasing Partner

CTS™ is a unique program for Vendors like YOU!

As a leasing or finance company, you often make tough decisions on approving clients that you are hoping will take care of your equipment during the period of a lease or finance package.  Typically, you have little to no control after the transaction.  If you choose to finance a client through our CTS™       program, these are some potential benefits to your organization as a vendor:

  • The equipment is located in a secure facility (Hosting Facility Agreement is available)
  • The equipment is maintained by a professional IT organization
  • The equipment may be used to support the IT needs of many nonprofits
  • Your client will be charged fair market rates for equipment and installation
  • CTS™ is a “green” program as it doesn’t waste IT resources
    • Research shows that most companies only use 8% of their IT systems.  CTS™   allows your client to securely share the equipment with others reducing energy   and resource waste…
  • Your client will receive payments for a percentage of use of the equipment, thereby turning the equipment into a possible revenue generator versus an expense
  • The CTS™ program may give you more leverage for future business or dealing with issues with your client

We are always willing to refer good leasing companies to potential CTS™ clients.  Please contact our Finance Department at 651-379-1200 to get on our preferred list.