Legal News

As his former employees from InCompass IT, Inc cloud division would tell you, CEO Tim Lambrecht has a low tolerance for unethical behavior.  Starting in 1996, he ran into business issues that most people would hate to deal with…..  However, as most CEO’s know, there is no choice but to deal with issues head-on.  Unfortunately, many of the experiences were with business partners, vendors, “loyal” employees, and even rogue clients.

As a CEO, it’s usually better to be proactive versus reactive against fraudulent and unethical behavior.  However, sometimes things move too quickly and you don’t have time to make proactive decisions.

Here are some proactive experiences:

Tim Lambrecht helping the Better Business Bureau succeed

Tim Lambrecht sells InCompass IT Cloud Division to Marco in Minnesota

Marco Acquires InCompass IT from New Brighton Minnesota

Here are some reactive experiences:

Tim Lambrecht fights for the IT Industry and sues Dell Corporation for Fraud

Tim Lambrecht sues XO Communications for outages and promissory estoppel