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Grant Writing Tips

Research Potential Funders
What to look for:
•Mission, history, past grants, current guidelines
•Shared connections:

People (staff, volunteers, board affiliation, friends)

•Where to find funder’s information:

On funder’s Web site or by request
990 form (http://www.guidestar.org)

Build the Relationship
•Contact funder six months before officially applying for funding
•Research and choose your funder with care
•Show funder how your project furthers their goals
•Engage the funder in your organization

Write the Proposal
•Understand and highlight what will interest the funder, but do not compromise your mission
•Be clear, compelling and descriptive
•Be realistic about accomplishments and how much funding you need
•Write for community needs, not your budget needs

•NonProfit Guides (http://npguides.com)
•The Foundation Center (http://foundationcenter.org)
•GrantProposal.com (http://grantproposal.com)
•Guidestar News (http://www.guidestar.org)
•Minnesota Council on Foundations (www.mcf.org/mcf/grant/writing.htm)
•Grants Intelligence Funding Team (GIFT)